eWorkflow in the Workplace

Workflow in the Workplace

IBM Business Partner

By leveraging IBM technologies, we will provide a platform for automating, refining and managing complex business processes, which will improve response time and reduce costs. Business processes can be performed more consistently, with fewer errors, because steps are predefined and documented.

If you are looking to deploy these types of technologies in your enterprise, but don't know where to start, let us suggest a few areas that many companies can take advantage of and realize a quick return on investment:

  • Time Management for Vacation Approvals
  • Application for Business Travel
  • New Employee Hiring Workflow
  • Approval of Incoming Invoices & Accounts Payable Processes
  • Internal Purchase Order Requests

Many companies have these business processes and they are usually paper-based and manual. By enabling workflow, you can reduce operational inefficiencies and achieve real-time collaboration. Datanational is unmatched in our experience equipping companies with the necessary tools for Workflow for the Workplace.

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