COVID Response

COVID-19 Business Continuity Plans

Datanational’s business continuity plans in light of the evolving Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation:

As a part of our normal 7 x 24 operations, all Datanational Personnel are capable of working from home, and for many that is a normal mode of operation.

On March 6, 2020 we initiated an official “work from home if at all possible” policy. This policy was initiated as a way to mitigate risk of a large scale illness among our Employees. This action was well ahead of the vast majority of companies in our country, not to mention the Metro Detroit Area.

Datanational’s Key Technology Partners such as IBM, Dell, Syncsort, Western Digital and Carbonite also have the capacity to work from home and we understand that the majority of them already work from home as a normal course of their operation. Our Colocation Partners work remotely as a normal course of their lights out operations.

We are limiting travel for our Employees to be on an Essential Business and Urgent/Emergency Only basis. We are also limiting in-person meetings at our Datanational Office in Farmington Hills, MI.

Our preexisting “Need Plus One” strategy, combined with our risk mitigation plan for a Pandemic is designed to maintain the high level of support and reliability that our Clients have come to expect over the past 40 years.

Thank you as always for your continued confidence and trust. If you have any questions, as always, please reach out to us through your regular Datanational Corporation contacts.

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