The Datanational Advantage

Your New MSP Provider

Based upon our 35+ years of experience and through our strategic partnerships, Datanational Corporation has strategically invested in the business infrastructure to deliver systems, facilities and bandwidth on-demand. We are successful in system management and hosting through our many years of accumulated knowledge in the operation of various types of systems across many different industries. We deploy highly creative technology solutions for system management, monitoring and notification. We have made a significant investment in technology tools and systems which provide continuous communication and advanced notification, with accessibility from anywhere at anytime. Our internal technology solutions capture information, organize knowledge and make that knowledge available to our support personnel, while providing a solid foundation for customer notification and reporting.

Familiarity with existing systems provides a more effective and customized High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions. In addition, with our knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and eBusiness software, we can provide business application support.

As a multi-platform services provider and system integrator, Datanational has the expertise to monitor, manage and host mission-critical application systems around the clock. We provide a broad base of service offerings, including hardware, operating system and application software expertise. This combination of skills delivers a wide range of available solutions to our client base.