Are You a Candidate?

Are You a Candidate for AS400 Managed Services?

Are You a Candidate for Managed Services for your IBM System i (AS/400) ERP Environment?

The basic premise behind outsourcing your existing AS/400 environment to Datanational is to replace your dated implementation with a modern, efficient, responsive and monitored managed services infrastructure.

All of this for could be put in place for the same monthly spend as your current antiquated production and disaster recovery system environment. We'll talk more about your cost savings later. First, let's see if you're a good fit for Datanational AS/400 Managed Services.

Think about the following statements and how they apply to you today:

Tape Backup

We are performing system backups to tape.

Offsite Fees

We are paying for offsite media storage and tape transportation fees.

Print Everything

We print hard copy reports, invoices, etc. I don't believe the system is capable of providing electronic reports or emailed PDF invoices.

No Failover

We have a single production system with no failover backup systems available near online.

Untested Recovery System

We have an untested disaster recovery solution. We have never actually run on a backup system to test its viability.

Unavailable to Users

Our ERP system is not available to the users for significant periods of time each night. It is offline for backup or long running nightly processes.

No System Emails

The system is not capable of generating email notifications of key events and statistics, such as Sales or Operating data, Key Performance Indicators, Goal Attainment, and others.

No Web Functionality

There is no web-based dashboard functionality to provide easy-to-read key metrics via internet connection.

Benefits and Cost Savings of AS400 Managed Services

Watch to learn more about the cost savings and benefits of switching to a more efficient,
highly functional solution more suited for today's requirements.

If these statements are familiar to you,
your company will greatly benefit from Managed Services by Datanational.

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