Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Frustrated with the traditional green screen user interface and the lack of flexibility it provides to your users?

We have all heard too many horror stories about companies implementing new ERP systems just for the sake of changing to something "better." Often, hundreds of thousands of dollars later, these companies actually end up years behind their previous ERP implementation with respect to the core business fit and functionality. And too often, these new implementations are declared failures, reverting back to the original solution.

Despite its good functionality fit for your business, are you hearing that your iSeries business software is not "up with the times" and that you should be looking at another system?

Datanational's Application Modernization utilizes our proven "Nothing-but-Net" approach. All user applications will be accessed through an Internet Browser. This provides a single common user interface for all user applications. The user should not have to care or worry what system the applications are delivered from because they should all generally work the same.

This approach provides simplicity to the user community and eases training of new users. They end up with a slick and easy-to-use interface to your enterprise systems, giving them the opportunity to focus on being productive rather than keeping track of multiple sessions and re-keying the same data over and over.

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