System Hosting and Management

System Hosting and Management for SAP on IBM i

IBM Advanced Business Partner

Our SAP configurations take full advantage of the new Solid State Drive (SSD) technology and deliver world class performance, fully managed by the latest features of the IBM i Operating System. What can be better than automated data management by the Operating System to ensure your SAP production data is fully loaded into memory? Nothing else even comes close, unless it involves a great deal of human intervention and management.

Datanational adds active and passive system monitoring and management on a 7x24x365 basis. We leverage our High Availability and Remote to Disk solutions to provide World Class up time to our SAP clients in robust configurations for lights out operation and highly reliable system delivery. Your company simply uses the application as delivered and focuses on their own business rather than maintaining and managing IT gear and application delivery. This approach frees up your IT Staff to focus on business requirements and process improvement rather than on gear and OS.

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