High Availability

High Availability for SAP on IBM i

IBM Advanced Business Partner

As many organizations standardize on SAP as a centralized solution, the requirement for a mature highly available ERP structure is emphasized. As an IBM Managed Service Provider, Datanational delivers replicated backup systems capable of full fail over from the primary production systems. This configuration includes a hot server with mirrored applications and data using Vision Solutions MIMIX HA replication software. Our standard offering includes remote to disk backup from the target (backup) system which optimizes the up time of the primary production server by eliminating production system downtime for backup. These robust and mature configurations are superior in up time reliability to any single site solution that can be deployed. These solutions also provide added benefit for testing new operating systems and can be used for system upgrades and migrations to new hardware. Our remote to disk backup solution adds value by actually using your target (backup) insurance on a daily basis to significantly reduce the downtime of your actual production system. These are world class solutions, meeting with the most rigorous of requirements for manufacturing and distribution applications.

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