EVault System Backup Service

EVault data backup software securely and efficiently backs up virtual and physical systems, either onsite or via remote backup, and seamlessly extends your IT infrastructure into the cloud. EVault backs up dynamically, so there is no need to restore from multiple incremental backups. This solution allows for an easy restoration across multiple operating systems and platforms and, using various EVault Plug-ins, back up and recover critical data within individual databases, mailboxes, and cluster nodes.

EVault Cloud Backup

Software installed on each protected system communicates with the target server (vault) and initiates ongoing, delta (block level change) processing of backup data.

Data Transfer
EVault deduplicates, compresses, and encrypts your data from end to end. The result? Much shorter backup windows, a dramatically reduced storage footprint, and ensured privacy.

Housed at your site or in the EVault cloud, authenticates and accepts data received from the Agent(s) and then stores and manages the backup data in separate storage pools.

Replicate backup data to a separate site or to the EVault cloud.

Tape Backup VS EVault

The Tape Backup Process Tape Limitation EVault Advantage
Back up data to tapes
  • Slower performance
  • Legacy technology
  • Fast, efficient backup
  • Local or remote
Extract tapes, transport to remote location
  • Manual process
  • Data unencrypted
  • Tapes may be lost or stolen in transit
  • Automated process
  • LAN/WAN optimized
  • Deduplicated, encrypted, compressed
Store tapes in warehouse
  • Subject to theft, loss, natural disaster
  • Store in electronic vault
  • Replicate in multiple locations
Retrieve tapes
  • Time delay in retrieving from remote site
  • Identify proper tapes
  • Instant, anytime, anywhere access
Recover data
  • Unreliable recoveries
  • Physical shipment only
  • Lost/damaged? No recourse
  • Instant, anytime, anywhere access

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Key Features and Benefits:
  • End-to-end data security
  • Centralized, web-based management
  • Offsite protection and replication
  • Disk-to-disk backup
  • Broad platform support
  • Real-Time protection
  • Additional plug-in options