Legacy AS/400 Data Hosting

Have you recently switched your ERP system and need to maintain access to your AS/400 data?
Legacy AS/400 data hosting

Datanational's Data Hosting service is a Secured Cloud based IBM System i (AS/400) offering that delivers a lower total cost than can be delivered through in-house resources. Our solution runs on the latest technology IBM System i hardware with full blown IBM Maintenance and the latest version of the Operating System, maintained to move forward into the future without disruption. This solution is a good fit for businesses who have moved on to SAP and have Legacy AS/400 based ERP data that needs to be accessible over the longer term. Keeping their Legacy AS/400 Applications and Data online in house is a distraction for their staff, and a drain on their internal resources.

Datanational's Data Hosting for IBM System i (AS/400) service delivers an alternative with a lower cost, along with a higher level of service that will free up your internal resources to be focused on the business’ new ERP solution and their business at hand. We reduce our clients’ overall cost by sharing resources across many customers, in the same way that a fire department’s cost is shared across a community.

Pricing and Packaging

Datanational provides comprehensive packages that are designed to meet the customer’s specific needs. Pricing starts as low as: $395.00/month

Actual Customer Cost Analysis:

Old Production System

$2,700/month x 12 = $32,400 per year

Increasing 20% annually

Datanational Hosted Solution

$700/month x 12 = $8,400 per year

Fixed cost





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Key Features and Benefits:
  • Hosted, Monitored and Managed Solution
  • Low monthly cost
  • High Reliability

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