System Management and Hosting Overview

The combination of globalization and real-world eBusiness applications has created a requirement for business systems to be highly available with high bandwidth connections over the Internet. The need for expanded hours of computer system availability and operation has transformed into a full 24/7 workload for many different systems, such as:

  • ERP Systems
  • eBusiness Systems
  • MES/JIT Systems
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Email Systems
  • EDI and Web Services

Our data center, or one of our partner's colocation sites, will provide a managed physical environment, suitable for operation of the hardware to meet with the stated system availability target. This facility will provide appropriate security, redundant power supplies, backup UPS and a generator. A high-speed IP Internet connection providing 1.5Mb of dedicated bandwidth with expansion on-demand up to 100MB is provided, along with a managed firewall solution. Datanational will provide options for System Management Services on a 24/7 or 8-5 basis. We will provide an operations Help Desk to answer and respond to system related calls during the selected support time frames.

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